Custom barbecue range

All Christie energy-efficient electric and gas barbecue cooktops are self-contained outdoor cooking appliances. This means you can build your own unique barbecue surround to relevant standards, using the materials of your choice

Order your award-winning Christie Cooktop with our pre-manufactured Modular or A Series barbecue surrounds for a simple, cost effective solution. For a unique location or design aesthetic, select your own materials and talk to us about creating a custom barbecue to relevant safety standards. You can also use any combination of our stainless-steel bench tops, access doors, or brick-in bench kit options to easily create a surround using standard bricks. Explore the case studies in our Projects section for inspiration on how to build your own barbecue, incorporating the latest Christie barbecue cooktops and our industry leading cooking technology.


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  • Hood
  • Drip Tray
  • Sink
  • Access Doors
  • Open Bench Kits
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